Made with love, not animals

This is something Membrane is highly passionate about. All our products and ingredients are completely cruelty free. The main reason we follow this is because, of course, WE LOVE ANIMALS! Why anyone would choose to hurt a defenceless animal is beyond us. Some people think the term ‘lab rats’ means people only test on rats but this is not the case, they test on mice, guinea-pigs, bunnies, dogs, cats and even primates! Many people also believe that animal testing is harmless but this is certainly not true either. Animal testing causes much pain and distress to them, for instance the irritation test is done by dripping irritants into a bunnies eyes, this sometimes results in blindness. Animal testing is cruel and unnecessary, it is not required by law and there are many alternatives to animal testing now. We always have and always will be cruelty free!

For The Animals

Animal testing is actually incredibly ineffective in predicting human reactions. There are so many proven scientific testing methods available – there’s no reason to use animals. 

Healthier, Happier Planet

Our cruelty free products are natural and have fewer chemicals. Due to this there are less toxins contained in the products that are then released into the atmosphere.

Creating A Kinder World

No animal deserves to suffer to satisfy human demands. By working together, with your support, we can effect real and lasting changes for animals and our planet.

Making A Difference

Buying cruelty free products can have a huge impact; voting with your pennies is the best way to make larger companies institute change!

Our mission: Making every product cruelty free

We leave out the nasty stuff…

Palm Oil Free

Petroleum Free

No Synthetic Ingredients

Non Comedogenic

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